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Here & Now: A Meetup for Those Facing Illness during Reimagine NYC

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In this meet & greet event, we’ll create space for anyone facing illness (or supporting those who are) to build community and develop the self-care strategies we need to have a successful and supported Reimagine week.

For those of us facing illness or end of life in the here and now, Reimagine week may feel more meaningful and relevant, but can also be more deeply challenging.

Join Grace Livingston from the Reimagine team, who is currently facing cancer herself, to:

- Build community. We are never alone in facing illness, and it’s time we felt that.

- Meet others dealing with illness, and join our group to attend Reimagine events throughout the week.

- Plan schedules. How might we participate in Reimagine week while honoring our physical and energetic limits in this moment?

- Set goals. What will make Reimagine week most meaningful to each of us? How do we get there?

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