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New York City
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Improv for Uncertainty: An Interactive Session Learning from Comedy Legends

Hosted by

Improv4 and Mary Lemmer

Learn how to thrive with uncertainty during this interactive improv session while having fun! During this session, we’ll do improv games and exercises, popularized by famous improv comedy theatres.

Life is full of uncertainty. Things happen to us every day that we cannot plan for. Want to be ready for anything that comes your way? Want to thrive in the face of uncertainty? Want to develop a process for learning and laughing throughout life?

Learn how to learn, how to fail with grace, and do it all with a smile during this interactive improv session. Improv creates a psychologically safe place for experimentation, learning to make mistakes with grace, challenge ourselves and face our fears in a safe space, so that when we experience challenges in the “real world” we can also handle those mistakes and challenges with grace and courage.

During this session, we’ll do improv games and exercises, popularized by theatres that have trained the world’s best improvisers and comedians. It is an interactive session where there will be movement and participation from all participants, and it will be a lot of fun and laughter! This session is targeted at individuals who want to learn to live life to the fullest - to be present and communicate well with others, to fall with grace, to handle uncertainty like a champ, and develop their own fearlessness and sense of play, as well as walk away with the tools and methodologies to inspire this fearlessness and sense of play amongst their communities. Session attendees can expect to leave this session with:

  • Ideas for how to learn and inspire learning, with fun and laughter
  • Less fear
  • Having discovered how to bring the spirit of play into their daily adult lives
  • A methodology for learning and practicing failure, in a safe and fun environment
  • A way to handle changing environments and the changing learning needs of others
  • A strengthened ability to think quickly
  • Exercises and games they can play with their communities, friends, and families to share their ways of practicing failure and developing fearlessness
  • A huge smile on their face!


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