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New York City
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In Conversation: Creativity, Ethics, and Spirituality in End of Life Care

Hosted by

Spero Medical Group and Bardo ∞ Project

The resources expended in the last days of life are ill-spent and don’t meet the hopes of patients and families. Our efforts at extending life should be matched by resolution to provide a meaningful and beautiful experience. We can die better.

In the conversation are Maggie Keogh, an ICU chaplain/artist, Jeff Struthers, MA, ACNP of Spero Medical Group, and Marne Lucas, an artist/end of life doula. They will discuss aesthetic issues relating to end of life care; each bringing their unique perspectives to the topic of death and dying, focusing on ways to improve the dying experience for patients and their families through spiritual assistance, legacy work and better palliative care options, including uncoupling patients dying in a hospital and honoring their wishes to die at home. A Q & A will follow with refreshments.

Talk, Panel, & Conversation