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New York City
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Level I End-of-Life Doula Community Caregiver Training

Learn how to care for someone who is dying through all three phases of end-of-life.

The information presented in this training is appropriate for everyone: family, caregivers, volunteers, and community members. Participants will learn about the three phases of end-of-life and the interventions they can use to provide comfort and support to both the patient and their loved ones. This workshop empowers individuals to embrace the concept of community; caring for each other at the end of life.

What you will learn:
*The three phases of end-of-life: The Shock Phase, The Stabilization Phase, The Transition Phase
*What interventions can be used in each of the three phases to ensure optimal comfort and care.
*Application of the learning through the use of case studies with real end-of-life scenarios to reinforce the knowledge presented

Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop