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New York City
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Loving Deeply and Letting Go

Hosted by

Gina Colombatto and The Fine Art Of Living And Dying

Spend the evening with friends and/or family members exploring how to love deeply and let go gracefully.

A workshop focused on who and what we love, can’t imagine life without, or have already had to let go of...maybe without grace. And the invitation to write a love note to someone here or gone from our lives, with grace!

As we enter the season of darkness, this workshop is for everyone who is interested in joining the conversation with an open heart. Feel free to come solo.

We will celebrate The Fine Art of Living and Dying by

*looking at our biggest fears

*acknowledging our deepest heart connections

*sharing what things truly bring us happiness

*diving into those sweet places that enhance our lives

*and finding the knowledge that we are all in this together!

We will walk out into the night having let go of old beliefs, our tight hold on those comfort zones, and some (or perhaps all!) of our fears around death and dying.

Workshop NY Open Center