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New York City
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Mindfulness & Mortality: A Dinner Conversation

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Shalon brings people from all backgrounds into a welcoming space over an amazing meal for powerful conversation. As we dine together, we'll explore living meaningful lives and approaching the end of life mindfully with guidance from experts and friends.

At Shalon, we come together to break bread, break barriers and break the silence.

Discussing death, how we live or preparing for the end of life, can be a challenging conversation, but it doesn't have to be. On Friday, November 2nd, we're bringing people from all backgrounds together around the dinner table, to reflect, share ideas and inspire hope and joy.

We’ll be joined by experts in mindfulness, palliative care, logistics, dealing with grief and more who will help guide the conversation, answer questions and provide insight and resources into actions we can all commit to in order to live fully and to thoughtfully approach the end of our and our loved ones’ lives.

Come to surround yourself with incredible people, take part in a powerful conversation and indulge in a gourmet, multi-course, chef-prepared meal. Prepare to leave with a different perspective, new friends, and a very satisfied belly.