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New York City
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Mortal City: Obituaries for the Living From the City You're Missing

Hosted by

Kathleen Horan

Attend a party for the pre-dead with a veteran reporter who records obituaries for the living. After years of covering endings for people and places, Kathleen Horan started searching for the ones she was missing. In this live show, she'll share gritty, often funny stories from NYC's more interesting strangers.

We exist on top of each other, layered over decades of other people's stories in NYC. But in our bubbles, we often miss the characters who help make the city worth the trouble of living here. Mortal City is focused on the ones hiding in plain sight and how the ordinary is mysterious.

Celebrate impermanence via taped recordings and live conversations with a few seminal figures of the pre-dead. Audience participation, including Q & A is encouraged.

NOTE: This event is free to attend; however, there is a 2 drink minimum at the venue.

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