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New York City
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Reimagining Old Age: Life Can Begin at 80

What if we frame living into old age as a major opportunity rather than primarily as a time of loss? Join Rosanne Leipzig, MD, Ph.D. and Choreographer Sasha Soreff for a curated conversation on what's possible, along with gentle movement that supports successful aging.

Over half of Americans who turn 65 will live to be 85 or more. How can we make the most of these later years? Rosanne Leipzig, MD, PhD, an internationally recognized leader in the field of geriatric medicine, will lead a conversation about how adjusting expectations as we age provides an opportunity to cultivate new dimensions in our lives. The conversation will include gentle movement offered by Choreographer Sasha Soreff designed to promote physical well-being, cognitive functioning, creative expression, and most importantly, fun. Let’s dance our way into our 90s!


Movement & Dance Talk, Panel, & Conversation