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New York City
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Removing The Shroud: Death and Grieving Out Loud

Hosted by

WordToRI, RIVAA, Coler Therapeutic Recreation Department

Why do we tiptoe around death when in all reality it surrounds us? Denial weighs heavily on our shoulders shaping what we make with our hands. Maybe we are afraid, unsure how to handle dying when it comes or make sense of what it means when it does...

Through clay sculpture, participants will depict the fear loss holds on our lives. After working, focusing and honing in on how much time you actually spend thinking and fearing death, I invite you to destroy your piece. This act is an opportunity to disrupt all the time in life consumed by things beyond our control. The goal is for participants to leave with more than they came in with despite empty hands.

Interested participants are invited to showcase their process (photographed by student volunteers) from creation to destruction this evening in “Living on Roosevelt Island, What Matters In The End?” at Coler Hospital Canteen.

Sunshine Martin is an Afro-Latinx B.F.A student at SUNY Purchase. Her work speaks on her experience as an afro-latina and the deconstruction of systematic racism and oppression. She is currently reconceptualizing Alice and Wonderland experimenting with the idea of how stereotypes and negative connotations alter the character's appearance throughout the movie challenging the ideas of mental health, innocence, and perception.

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