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New York City
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Specialty Culture Briefing on Death & Immortality

Hosted by

sparks & honey, Amirah Cissé, Annalie Killian

Join sparks & honey's culture briefing on Death & Immortality. With interdisciplinary experts and cultural signals, we'll break taboos to spark innovative breakthroughs for individuals and industries.

Looking to pair your usual Halloween tricks with a unique treat? Consider joining sparks & honey, a cultural consultancy, for a culture briefing on Death & Immortality. In partnership with Reimagine, a city-wide exploration of death through creativity and conversation, s&h is asking big questions on life and death.

Some of those questions:

- What's the game-plan for our pets once were gone?
- How can we approach funerals/cremations more sustainably?
- Do obsoleted products and cancellations deserve closure, too?
- What incentive is there for big brands to design products for the afterlife or second-life?
- Overall, how can breaking through the taboo of death spark innovative breakthroughs for individuals and industries?

With interdisciplinary experts in a dialogue prompted by two of our Culture Strategists and signals from culture, we'll tackle these questions by examining emerging technologies and perspectives surfaced through Q, our cultural intelligence platform. Join us in-person or tune-in on October 31 at 12-1:30PM EST.


Design+Tech Talk, Panel, & Conversation