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New York City
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Spiritual Processing in Stillness and Movement

Through each person's individual faith tradition, all traditions are invited to meditate and/or pray together in stillness or movement.

This session follows a free Moving For Life class (see Monday, Oct 29th) and both answer the questions How does breath awareness, moving and dancing with others in the face of life-threatening illness and when dealing with issues of death shift the mind and help the body Studio 55C is a home for Somatic Arts - where we learn to listen to body wisdom. As the body changes form it provides information. We also can learn tools to relax fear and anxiety and come into greater community through body awareness, Movement and dance.

Please be sure to check out's special Reimagine End of Life art exhibit and interactive art station by appointment (Oct 12 - Nov 8). Contact


Movement & Dance Ritual & Ceremony
Wellness Spirituality