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New York City
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The Good Grief Show

Hosted by

Shaina Feinberg

A grieving orca reportedly carried her dead calf for 17 days on what scientists call a "tour of grief." The Good Grief Show rounds up comedians and musicians - each exploring their own tour of grief.

Grief is totally bonkers! It was recently reported that a grieving orca carried her dead calf for a total of 17 days on what scientists are calling a "tour of grief."

After the sudden death of her dad, filmmaker Shaina Feinberg went on her own tour of grief. She spent the first six months filming a movie about her grief - forcing her mom to write songs for her deceased father, forcing some of her friends to re-enact her father's death and forcing other friends to dress in her father's clothes and do their best imitation of him.

The result is Senior Escort Service - a funny and sad meditation on grief. After she completed the movie, Shaina was curious how other people processed their own grief. Using humor, music and, of course, some Power Point presentations, The Good Grief Show brings together comedians, storytellers and musicians to explore some of the ways that people deal with the loss of a loved one. Featuring Mike Brown, Karolena Theresa, Joe Schiappa, Jeff Seal, Adira Amram, Drae Campbell, Corn Mo and Shaina Feinberg.

NOTE: The event is free, but there is a 2 drink minimum at the venue.


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