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New York City
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The Mystery of Life and Death - A Spiritual Perspective

It does not matter how it all began. What really matters is how it all ends. How can meditation help overcome the fear of death to enhance the quality of our life and to make the end of life experience fulfilling?

One who sees the bigger picture and understands the journey of the soul (the inner being) lives with feelings of gratitude and an attitude of giving, seeing life as an opportunity to express our higher potential. In the final stage of life, he/she will feel fondness, success, and self-respect. The main experience will be of love, of beauty, ... of fullness. This can give the peace and calm to enter into whatever the death experience brings.

In this session, participants will be guided in a meditation experience and will be offered simple effective techniques to deal with the fear of death and enhance the quality of life. Through short presentations and artistic performances, the participants can discover a spiritual perspective on life and death in an interactive environment.

Talk, Panel, & Conversation Performance
Wellness Spirituality