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Their Favorite Meals: A Potluck for the Dead

Preceding the Dia de los Muertos which spans October 31 - November 2, Dinner with the Dead invites those who have lost friends and/or family to cook and bring a food item to a potluck in which the dead will be honored alongside their favorite meals, interspersed with poetry, screenings, and conversations by philosophers, writers, and artists on the meaning of food, memory, and loss.

Throughout the world, many traditions have rituals in which a deceased friend or family member's favorite food or beverage is enjoyed in celebration of their life, and others where eating in the presence of the dead is thought of a way of maintaining communication post-mortem. This event is hosted by The Sunview Luncheonette, a stopped-in-time diner that has been converted into a community arts space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The event is dedicated to the memory of Bea Koutros, who started the original Sunview with her husband Lou in 1963, and to all those we have lost this year. Bring the favorite meal of your lost loved one, friend, collaborator, and share your memory with us. A special film screening program will be organized by Bradley Eros for the evening.


Food Film Storytelling