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New York City
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Truth or Dare: An Open Conversation about Medical Care at the End of Life

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Queens Library / Dyalogues

Join Dr. Dawn Gross as she explains why our current health care system errs on the side of “QUANTITY” over “QUALITY” of life.

Reimagine End of Life Week is a city-wide exploration of big questions about life and death through creativity and conversation. Learn why our current health care system errs on the side of “quantity” over “quality” of life, and how to clarify, advocate, and align medical services to support you and those you love the way you wish. The distinction between hospice and palliative care will be highlighted as well as the benefits and limitations of Advanced Care Directives and other healthcare forms.

In addition to the presentation, there will be an engaging and interactive session with Dyalogues' Founders Dr. Dawn Gross, Nancy Belza and Paul Puccinelli, where you're invited to play a game designed to start a conversation exploring what matters most in life. Participants leave inspired and empowered to continue these meaningful dyalogues with their health care provides, family, friends, and community, now and well into the future.


Advance Care Planning Ritual & Ceremony Talk, Panel, & Conversation