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New York City
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Turning Loss Into Beauty: Creating Impermanent Earth Art at the 9/11 Memorial

How can we turn grief, loss and memory into something beautiful? Join us for the extraordinary opportunity to gather at the 9/11 Memorial plaza and make a large scale impermanent art installation with earth artist Day Schildkret, collected from the very materials of the land and the city as a way to remember the beauty and dignity of human life.

An invitation to the public, youth and families and lower Manhattan community and business partners to create large scale impermanent art made from the very land and landscape of downtown Manhattan as an offering of ephemeral beauty to the memory of those that have died, to the grief of the families, and to the spirit of New York.

The participants will wander and forage around the World Trade Center campus and 9/11 Memorial plaza, collecting materials to make their art, as they create earth art that isn't meant to last. The heart of this art ritual will serve as a reminder for how precious life is. This art is left for some time so that all those who witness it can see beauty, wisdom and healing in the impermanence of the art and of life itself.

On Friday, November 2nd, we will start gathering at 12:30pm, all ages and ability levels welcome.

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