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New York City
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When Death Finds You, Will It Find You Alive?

There’s an African proverb, “When death finds you, will it find you alive”? At some point, we’re called to consider whose life we are actually living, and what a well-lived life means to us. How might death (ours or others’) give us permission to fully live?


What is undone in your life that needs your reflection and attention? This workshop invites you to dive deep into those unlived places within yourself and consciously choose to let them die or bring them to life. Individually, and in a community, we will explore what it means to live a conscious and intentional life, including:

- How are my choices enlivening or deadening my life?

- What has been calling to me that I’ve ignored for years?

- What are the words and truths around which I organize my life and how do they contribute to a meaningful life?

- What are my guideposts?

About Akshay:

Akshay Kapur is an Executive & Leadership Coach with expertise in 1-on-1 coaching for new and emerging leaders. He works to improve self and situational awareness in times of major change and transition. His specialty is in helping leaders and teams handle challenges that initially look like they can't be handled. He helps his clients do what feels beyond their reach by creating an entirely new mindset.

About Julie:

Julie Simon helps mid-career professionals maximize their self-awareness and situational learning to create meaningful lives and to navigate personal and professional transitions with courage, clarity and curiosity. Her coaching draws upon over 20 years as a leader, collaborator, visionary, and systems-thinker across the healthcare consulting, television production and urban planning fields.

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