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New York City
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Yoga + Grief: find love on the yoga mat and in your journal

A workshop to meet yourself on the mat in an experience where you embody movement through yoga, followed by journaling (writing and/or drawing) and optional conversation. For anyone who has lost someone or something or knows someone who has lost someone.

Dedicate your yoga practice to someone, practice finding lightness and love in your grief, or just show up and see what happens. Our relationships with those people, animals, places, and sometimes even things we’ve lost and loved are complex, with intertwining emotions. Our bodies often hold these emotions and other information, sometimes as tension or tightness, relaxation or looseness and many other ways. What can you notice in your body?

ALL are invited. No experience necessary. Give your body a chance to take care of you - that might mean crying, laughing, humming, breathing deeply, sitting in stillness, or moving in intuitive ways. Everything we guide in this class will be a suggestion, an invitation for what you might focus on or how you might move. Ultimately, you know your body best.

Wear clothes comfortable to move in, bring a water bottle and yoga mat (or rent a mat for $2). We will supply paper and pens for journaling but if you have a favorite journal or pen, feel free to bring it.


Movement & Dance Workshop Grief Support