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Creating Space
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Ceremonial Grief Concert

Ceremonial Grief Concert
Join the G8 Keepers for a ceremony offering contemporary, traditional and spontaneous music that speaks to love, life, and death, inviting you to share your stories and grief throughout the evening.

Now is the time! Many of us are in need of a safe and supportive place to grieve together. Because ceremony works on the energetic level it is not limited by physical distance. Each participant’s presence supports the group’s container. Thank you for considering joining in this important work at this time.

The g8 keepers are a musical and space holding team that create a ceremony and concert in one, honoring the healing power of grief. Personal sharings of grief and loss are welcomed and woven together with the sharing of sacred music from around the globe. (Because of the possible intense nature of a grieving event, this is for adults only). The G8 Keepers have been hosting these ceremonies regularly in Asheville, NC. To hear more about this work you can listen to Aditi, Greg and JoJo speaking in depth about these events on the podcast "To Grieve"

Along with Jason and Sheri we are grateful to be bringing this medicine to the Reimagine community!

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