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Germination: Honoring our Ancestral Seeds of Wisdom

Germination: Honoring our Ancestral Seeds of Wisdom
Join Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman and violinist Mindy Anderson for a seasonal exploration informed by music, poetry, and story.

The wisdom of our ancestors is rich and fertile; it germinates in the soil of our own lives, no matter who are ancestors are, where they came from, and whether or not we know and understand their personal stories.

Guided by a shared story from the facilitators around ancestral healing, we will move gently through a profound exploration of the seeds we’ve planted this year. and the seeds that lay germinating now as we move into and through this sacred time of darkness.

Using story, music, and poetry we will look deeply at our own ancestral lineage to discover that which has embedded in us a deep desire to bring forth reflection, healing, and joy.

You will need a journal and pen, 2-3 sheets of blank paper, colored pens or pencils (art supplies optional).

Headphones are helpful but not necessary.


Music & Sound Workshop Grief Support

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