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Creating Space
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Reimagining Carrick PA.

Reimagining Carrick PA.
With the pandemic, racial reckoning, Black Lives Matter, election rhetoric–the Carrick Community Council is creating a space to share stories and dream together a Carrick community that works for all.

Due to the cold weather in the Pittsburgh area, the Community Council of Carrick is bringing their fourth community conversation on-line at the Reimagine platform. In response to the sheltering in place of the pandemic the first three community conversations were held in a local park, masked and physically distanced. In this on-line space, community members will continue to hold respectful and courageous conversations about their reactions to recent large-scale societal events, learn more about the history of racism in Carrack and the country at large, and share their hopes for what a future Carrick community could be.

Sheila K Collins, director of InterPlay Pittsburgh, with the help of InterPlay leaders LaVerne Baker Hotep and Richard Citrin and Carrick council member Tia Baker will offer group members playful ways to share their stories– of where their lives have taken them and where they want their community to go and grow. The group has evolved to the point of asking critical questions. How can we be more supportive to one another? More welcoming to the newcomers? More inclusive and respectful to people from different backgrounds and experiences?


Social Justice & Race

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