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What happened to you? Child Sexual Abuse and Loss

Hosted by Grief Dialogues

What happened to you? Child Sexual Abuse and Loss
There’s nothing funny about child sexual abuse...or is there? Ask Sebastian Scales. His stand-up routine is a tribute to survival & recovery. Non-Death Loss & Grief author, Dr. Darcy Harris joins him.

“I was molested when I was 8 by my best friend’s dad. I started doing stand-up comedy about my experience a few years ago. Laughing about what happened to me allowed me to begin processing and healing. Since then, I’ve started a podcast where I talk about my experience and interview other people about what they’ve been through.”

Joining Sebastian onstage is Darcy Harris, PhD, FT and author of the book Non-Death Loss and Grief. The book focuses on the losses that we encounter in everyday life, and the role of these loss experiences in shaping us as we continue living. A main emphasis is the importance of having words to accurately express these “living losses.”

Together Sebastian and Darcy will discuss what happened to him and how that experience leads to helping others through his comedy and podcasts.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and to share their stories as time permits.

What people are saying about Sebastian Scales and his comedy.


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