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Being Human Support Group

Hosted by Jessica Murby

Being Human Support Group
A space to... ~Honor the full spectrum of our human experience including grief, joy, pain, love, all of it! ~Share what is present for us ~Recognize in another the pain and beauty of being human

“It may be best for us to explore the reality of the full spectrum of life now; including what is dark or undesirable, considering that significant challenges will arise for each and every one of us. And with that, it may be serving for us to give ourselves and one another space to explore the feelings that arise when we do.

Death and grief and illness may not even be inherently negative, perhaps they may have a meaning beyond what we can comprehend as we’re in the midst of them. Maybe if we got everything we wanted in the way of positivity we wouldn’t have any growth. By making these parts of life out to be failures, we may fail to truly live and be there for one another.”

^An excerpt from my book, Alive for Now that sums up the purpose of this group.

Participation will be limited to 20. Everyone is encouraged to share, and the alloted time to share will be limited in order to hear from everyone.


Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop