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Coming Out to Dead People (A queer Asian grief comedy show)

Hosted by Ricky Sim

Coming Out to Dead People (A queer Asian grief comedy show)
Join comedian Ricky Sim in his Off-Broadway show about grappling with the decision to come out to his immigrant mom after her cancer diagnosis, and how he finds closure and peace in grief.

Ricky was about to come out of the closet to his mother, then his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Talk about good timing.

Combining stand-up and storytelling, "Coming Out to Dead People" is a queer and grief comedy solo show based on Ricky's experience growing up as a closeted gaysian immigrant in Queens NY, and not knowing how to tell his traditional Chinese-Malaysian mother about his sexuality before she leaves the world; and how he finds closure and peace during his grieving process.

"Coming Out to Dead People" first debuted at a karaoke bar in the basement of a Chinatown restaurant next to a funeral home. It has since evolved into theater productions and played in different venues. It had its UK debut and received critical acclaim during the Edinburgh Fringe last year, and it was invited to have its Off-West End debut in London Soho Theatre earlier this year. It is debuting Off-Broadway at Soho Playhouse from May 23 to June 2.

Ricky hopes that, through continue performing the show, audience members who have gone through similar journeys can find solace and feeling less alone...hopefully less alone than he was.

“‘Coming Out to Dead People’ is a raunchy and darkly comic wonder.” ED FRINGE REVIEW *****

“a beautifully heartbreaking show that does a wonderful job of toeing the line between grief and humour.” BROADWAY WORLD ****

Sim transcending a simple comic routine and creating a genuine connection with many in the audience through his openness and cathartic expression” WEE REVIEW ****


Comedy Performance Storytelling Theater
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