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Heart to Heart® Café 線上安心茶話屋 (Online)

Heart to Heart® Café 線上安心茶話屋 (Online)
用一副安心卡,打開生死對話; 一場茶話屋, 安心討論生命末期的醫療意願。 活動將以普通話進行,提供英語和粵語翻譯。 Event to be conducted in Mandarin with English and Cantonese translation available.

Participants will need a laptop, iPad or smartphone to see shared screen.

Heart to Heart® Café is a communication activity designed to make it easier for a family member, a caregiver, or a health provider to understand what a loved one wants done when life is ending. However, it is also used with perfectly healthy people who want family members to know what they would like when their lives are threatened by injury or disease.

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用一副安心卡,打開生死對話; 一場茶話屋, 安心討論生命末期的醫療意願。




Play Heart to Heart® Cards to help you think about your end-of-life wishes and discuss them with others.

Sat, 9/17/22, 4-6pm PT (Sun, 9/18/22. 7-9am Asia)

如果您有任何問題,請電郵至: 或打電話到: 866-661-5687。

If you have any questions, please contact us via or 866-661-5687


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