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How to Talk to Your K̶i̶d̶s̶ Parents About S̶e̶x̶ Death

Hosted by MESO, In honor of All 4 speakers are honoring loved ones. Please see below.

How to Talk to Your K̶i̶d̶s̶ Parents About S̶e̶x̶ Death
For next generation adult children of immigrants who know something to nothing about their parents' homeland and culture, join us for an exploration of how to start the conversation. All are welcome!

What is important to your parents? Do you know? It's a complex conversation that is better had well before you need to. It's a challenge to start but we'll share our personal stories to help your conversations along. We are 4 first generation daughters who are at different points in the end of life process with our families:

*One of us has started a conversation with her family and is now slowly moving it forward

*One of us has persistently been trying out approaches, learning continually, and then trying other ideas, making step by step progress

*One of us has been a long-time caregiver of an ailing parent with memory issues

*One of us has had both parents die and is grieving

As co-founders of MESO, Tida Beattie and Soyeon Davis are wholistic end of life doulas and community educators. Their work focuses on supporting immigrants and the next generations at the intersection of heritage, wellness, death and grief.

Lily Liu, who, drawing from her lived experience as her elderly mother's family caregiver, has proactively planned for her own end of life as a "Solo Ager."

Elizabeth Wong, RN, End Of Life Doula, works to empower adult children who are confronted with aging parents.


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This event is in honor of All 4 speakers are honoring loved ones. Please see below.

Soyeon is honoring her mother: Seo, Hee Suk and her father: Jong, Sang Yong. Honoring their courage, resilience, and fortitude. Dreaming the biggest dream.

Elizabeth is speaking in honor her father: Ho Ching Wong.
"Daddy, what you didn't get to teach me in life, you taught me in death. With love and gratitude, I honor you. Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Lily is speaking in honor of her maternal grandmother: "Civil war in our homeland, China, meant my mother left you, her mother, behind when she escaped as a refugee student. We did not know of your death during the years of famine until decades later. I honor you, dear 外婆 (maternal grandmother), for your strength and resilience in the face of sacrifice, loss, and uncertainty."

Tida is speaking in honor of her parents, Dr. Ananta and Pathamara Srikumpol. Your lives have inspired me to become an advocate for immigrants and their next generations, a resource I desperately wished we had ourselves in your deaths.