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Let Me IntervYOU! - Episode 1

Let Me IntervYOU! - Episode 1
Reimagine Collaborators Lily Liu and Jade Young kick off an interview series that offers a community space to share life experiences in the loss and grief journey. Lessons learned and wisdoms to share

Reimagine’s Autumn 2021 Festival, “Grief, Growth, and Action,” provided an opportunity to highlight one Action Step that each of us may have taken in our grief journey. Throughout 2022, let us continue the conversation about taking action as a result of experiencing loss and grief.

In January 2022, we kick off a series of monthly interviews with individuals who will share their personal story. Not only will each Guest talk about what they did, they will also share how they took action. And every Guest will be asked the same last question: What lies ahead in your Action Plan?

Conversation Moderator: Lily Liu, Family Caregiver

Lily Liu is a long-time caregiver for her mother who has a chronic illness. She speaks around the country in English and Mandarin Chinese about how family caregivers can empower themselves with information and resources.

January’s Guest: Jade Young, MDiv., End-of-Life Consultant and Resilience Coach

Death is not a medical event. Jade Young, MDiv., is an interfaith hospice educator and chaplain. She was first introduced to death and dying when her own mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, followed by the loss of her father and brother over the next decades. The family was highly educated in terms of medical care, but lacked awareness, tools, and resources around spiritual care for the patient and the family during the death and dying process. Add to this, the cultural taboos around expressing feelings in Asian families. The healing journey proved challenging until a group of trained hospice volunteers provided a safe, compassionate space for Jade to fully express her loss. Since then, Jade has re-oriented her life away from the world of business, and has acquired training and education in grief counseling and pastoral care. Integral to her life’s work is creating safe healing spaces for those who are grieving from any form of loss: to honor their unique psycho/spiritual process, to introduce healthy ways to heal from the inside out, and to encourage them to transform their loss and adversities into wisdom, beauty, and grace. Currently, Jade is available for speaking engagements, private counseling, in-service trainings, and public education in teaching healthy ways of grieving and identifying tools to design a new future filled with hope, inspiration, and possibility.


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