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LGBTQ+ Advance Care Planning

LGBTQ+ Advance Care Planning
Encourage LGBTQ+ people to start planning now to identify who will speak for them in the event that they are unable to speak for themselves in a healthcare setting.

Since the advent of the AIDS crises, LGBTQ+ people have been at the forefront of advocating for improving end-of-life care and dismantling discrimination in healthcare settings. Yet despite the numerous groundbreaking victories of the LGBTQ+ movement, many continue to struggle to get the care and representation they want at the end of life. Decision-making authority that would be automatically bestowed to partners in heterosexual relationships may be actively denied in same-sex relationships, and life partners may be prevented access to one another at the end of life.

The LGBTQ+ equality movement and the end-of-life options movement are intertwined and share many core values, including bodily autonomy. Compassion & Choices has a long history of partnering with the LGBTQ+ community to secure end-of-life options for all.


Talk, Panel, & Conversation
LGBTQ+ End-of-Life Planning