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Misconceptions That Leave A Mess And Cheat Your Legacy

Hosted by Jen Gumbel, In honor of Gerald Waack

Misconceptions That Leave A Mess And Cheat Your Legacy
Misconceptions about estate planning and legacy abound. Let's dispel these misconceptions and learn how to take action to avoid a mess.

Join Jennifer Gumbel, attorney and creator of Organized (after)Life, as she dispels common misconceptions she sees that, time and time again, leave a mess and cheat your legacy.

This event will be a laid back Facebook live that will equip you with important information and challenge you to make good legacy.

Sponsored by Your Organized (after)Life Workshop, an eight session, online, at your page workshop where I teach you how estate planning works, so you can avoid a mess. Learn more at


Talk, Panel, & Conversation
End-of-Life Planning

This event is in honor of Gerald Waack

My father taught me what good legacy can be. Legal issues can interfere with the good legacy you can leave. Let's learn how to minimize them.