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OVER 140 LBS: The Sequel Virtual Screening

Hosted by Nasus Media LLC

OVER 140 LBS: The Sequel Virtual Screening
The sequel to 140 LBS. A 124-minute solo theatre show, guided reflection, and an Ask Me Anything session with creator & performer Susan Lieu.

Almost 9 months pregnant, Susan is afraid of becoming a mother when she didn't know her own. Stifled by the shame and silence of her mother's early death, Susan needs to figure out how to deal with the intergenerational trauma she's inherited to protect the baby on the way. Part stand-up comedy and character work, Susan grapples with figuring out the mother she's supposed to be in this next chapter of the Lieu Dynasty Saga.


OVER 140 LBS (124 minutes) is the follow-up sequel to 140 LBS, a theatrical, autobiographical solo dramedy by Susan Lieu. A Vietnamese-American activist playwright and performer who tells stories that refuse to be forgotten, Susan creates work for individual and community healing—made possible through the interplay of comedy and drama—her work delves deeply into the lived realities of body insecurity, grieving, and trauma. 140 LBS, her debut work, has been featured in the LA Times, NBC News, NPR, The Lily (WaPo), American Theatre, CAAMFest 37, RISK! and The Moth Mainstage. The San Francisco Chronicle calls it "fascinating, touching, upsetting, poignant, startling, affecting, engrossing, emotional, informative and, more than anything, humane." Directed by Sara Porkalob. Note: OVER 140 LBS has some overlapping content with 140 LBS.

Susan held a sold-out world premiere of 140 LBS in February 2019 and then took the show on a 10-city national tour pregnant during her second trimester performing at a funeral home, George R.R. Martin's movie theatre, community centers, and traditional theatres around the country. She then wrote and performed the sequel OVER 140 LBS headlining at ACT Theatre's SoloFest in Seattle in February 2020 when she was almost 9 months pregnant. She lives in Seattle with her husband and 10-month old son named Art. Susan is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale School of Management. For more information, go to or follow her on instagram @susanlieu.


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