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Supporting Someone Who Is Grieving - A Practical Primer

Supporting Someone Who Is Grieving - A Practical Primer
We don’t readily talk about grief in our culture so it makes sense that we often do not have the knowledge or tools to cope with and support ourselves and others during times of grief.

Grief is not a linear process.

And it can be exhausting.

—Cathy Hope


Here is a chance to learn about and discuss grief in its myriad forms — and focus on what a grieving person needs and doesn’t need, as well as how to ensure your own well-being.

The gathering will include information to help participants:

  • Feel more confident about what you know and need
  • Develop skills, learn about resources, and take home practical tips
  • Ask the questions on your mind and in your heart during the Q+A with Cathy

When you register, please feel free to indicate a topic you are most interested in addressing during our time together.


Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop
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