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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action
This event was part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

Anger...What About It?

Hosted by MESO

Anger...What About It?
Often grief revolves around sadness but what about anger? Join us for a brave conversation exploring how Asians contend with anger and grief. This event is for people of Asian heritage.

This event is for people of Asian heritage.

Often grief revolves around sadness with love as a counterweight. What about other equally powerful aspects, like anger? Join MESO and our guests, Dr. Lisa Chu, Vinh; Paul Ha, and Elizabeth Wong for a brave conversation exploring how Asians contend with anger and grief.

MESO is dedicated to providing resources and support for immigrants and their families at the intersection of heritage, culture, care, loss and grief. As co-founders of MESO, Tida Beattie and Soyeon Davis are end-of-life doulas, community educators, and grief activists. We have hosted numerous events on the Reimagine platform such as "Multicultural Immigrant Experiences with End of Life", "Go Back To Your Country", "How To Talk To Your Parents About Death", and "Next Gen Grief."

Find us on Instagram: @mesocommunity and at our grief circle "Grief: The Loss of Your Immigrant Parent."

Lisa Chu, M.D., is the Midwest-born daughter of two immigrants from Taiwan - her father many generations Taiwanese, and her mother a refugee to Taiwan in the 1949 China Exodus. After fulfilling several major expectations of her parents by graduating from Harvard, completing medical school, and performing as a solo concert violinist and pianist, she began a path of liberation that continues to unfold today in her work as a multidisciplinary artist and SoulBodyMind coach. She currently lives in a coastal town in northern California with her partner, two cats, and a garden, and dreams every day of traveling internationally again. Her website is

Vinh;Paul Ha is a first-generation queer brown Asian born in the Bay Area, California, currently residing on Tongva Land. He is a storyteller, healer, and liberation coach with over 20 years of experience working in education and various nonprofits. Schooled as a coach through the Co-Active Training Institute—considered the gold standard in the profession by Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital—his practice is rooted in BIPOC unity, abolition, and bringing somatic comfort, ease, and rest to all queer/trans/people of color. As a trained end-of-life doula, his work is committed to providing death equity and dignity to the aging Vietnamese diaspora. To learn more about how you can honor your anger and reclaim your time from white supremacy, schedule a 30-Minute Conversation with Vinh;Paul.

Elizabeth Wong, RN, End-of-life doula, is committed to empowering adult children who are confronted with aging parents. Out of her own anticipatory grief of losing her mother, she often felt her efforts for them to have conversations about things that mattered got derailed by hurt feelings, arguments, and misunderstandings. Even with the best intentions, she often found herself triggered and angry. After taking on personal transformation work, she discovered the source of her anger and has since had many breakthrough moments with her mother that have inspired her to train as and end-of-life doula. Elizabeth co-founded Death Over Dimsum, a bilingual discussion/dining experience for Asian Americans and end-of-life experts of all ages. She also co-created for ReImagine the Asian-American Table Talk series as well as other events. Additionally, she co-hosted the Golden Grief Circle with MESO. Elizabeth serves in her community as a hospice volunteer, often using her language fluency to work with Cantonese-speaking families.

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