Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

Good Grief! Rituals

Good Grief! Rituals

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Apply the principles of play science to transform isolation and loss into opportunities for disruptive design. Practice creative processes to create bespoke rituals for personal and collective loss.

In this 3-day Good Grief! workshop, we apply the principles of play science to transform isolation, loss and challenge into opportunities for disruptive design. In these workshops, you’ll develop a designer’s mindset and practice creative processes to create bespoke rituals for personal and collective loss.

Drawing inspiration from innovative creative processes, design thinking and artistic and spiritual practices, we look at loss from the perspective of grieving both celebratory experiences (like a virtual graduation) and sad ones (like a virtual funeral). We also look at how creativity has blossomed during the pandemic, and how many have reframed our current constraints as opportunities for delightful design.

Good Grief! sits at the intersection of innovation, mindfulness and creativity. Inherent to a designer’s mindset is optimism and the ability to transform challenges into opportunities.

We are inspired to think about:

  • How might play principles help us reframe constraint and loss as opportunities for design?
  • How might play principles transform grief and create rituals for this moment?
  • How might play help us address and transform otherwise immovable grief?
  • How might new ritual design offer inroads to the disenfranchised?
  • How might we design inclusive ritual experiences that account for well-being?
  • What might need to be released in order for what’s next to emerge?

Whether you are a caregiver, healthcare provider, family member or friend, this course is for you. This year every single one of us has faced loss —of some sort— this is your opportunity to learn creative processes that will enable you to playfully create new practices and rituals in a world of new possibilities.


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