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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action
This event was part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

Making Space for Grief: Sorrow, Growth, Action and HOPE

Making Space for Grief: Sorrow, Growth, Action and HOPE
Experience a Reiki & body scan meditation, along with an engaging, honest & open conversation around honoring one’s grief journey, which is essential for our growth, healing, and hope.

Allowing grief to enter our body is a much healthier approach than trying to deny or suppress it. In this session we will start off by relaxing through a body scan meditation before we engage in a conversation about the elements which encapsulate the end-of-life.

Dee Dee Turpin will guide us through inevitable topics of death, dying and grief. We will touch upon how to reduce unnecessary suffering, increase inner peace, and bring a sense of love and purpose, when facing one of the most vulnerable experiences in our life story.

We will end our session with a Reiki treatment as we come together in deep relaxation to recharge and reconnect with our true selves

Boshko Boskovic is the founder of Let’s Heal NYC, a private practice specializing in Reiki treatments. He is a Reiki Master, trained & certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. He is trained by Minka Brooklyn founder Aki Hirata & Manu del Prete and Alice Jones - Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer & Author from North Virginia.

He is a part-time Reiki practitioner at Minka Brooklyn Community Wellness Center and a member of Gwella, an application directory for Alternative & Holistic Services. He has worked at Reiki Clinics at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan and Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn. He has been invited to give in person and virtual Reiki sessions at institutions such as Weinberg Center for Balanced Living, Soho Works, Reimagine Worldwide Virtual Festival, Healthcare for the People and Brooklyn Hospital

Dee Dee Turpin is the founder of A Necessary Conversation, a safe space dedicated to facilitating others to deepen their relationships with death, dying and grief. In addition, Dee Dee is certified as a Death Doula, Peer Support for Traumatic Grief, Facilitator of End-of-Life Conversations, and a Grief Group Leader. She has been trained in varying end-of-life classes and programs, in addition to volunteering for Hospice and NODA (No One Dies Alone).

Dee Dee’s passion is talking about the “elephant(s) in the room” – death, dying and/or grief, in which she has found that by facilitating others to openly engage in honest conversations, they can develop a deeper connection to life and end-of-life. Ultimately, these necessary conversations help to bring healing, peace, love and hope to the living and dying.

Talk, Panel, & Conversation Community Gathering Meditation


Wellness Spirituality LGBTQ+ End-of-Life Planning Older Adults

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