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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action
This event was part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

The WHEE...!#$%*@? Chronicles - Grief into Growth & Action

The WHEE...!#$%*@? Chronicles - Grief into Growth & Action
A conversation about the cost of America from the perspectives of two grandchildren of the Greatest Generation and their quest to re-engage with the rituals and celebrations of story & community!

WHEE…!#$%*@? is a one act play that shares the story of a white couple born in America in 1963/64. Slowly realizing there was no culture nor binding force(s) beyond individual desire and expectation, they became ever more confused and frustrated. This is the story of how they come to “see” the missing pieces of their community and began anew for the next generation.

Join playwrights/performers Blair Jennings & Fell Cadwallader as they share how WHEE…!#$%*@? came into existence & how they continue to present, promote and facilitate community discussions about the topics explored within the script. Motivated participants will find ideas, affirmations, plenty of peer support in an engaging digital environment as they imagine and explore how to turn their story into action and beyond!

Get ready to be surprised, to heal, to comfort, to cajole, to wonder and depart with powerful new perspectives, shared experiences, and action (small, sweet steps!) we can each begin as inspired.

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