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Reimagine Austin

Reimagine Austin is coming in Fall 2021. Stay tuned for more details.

Reimagine explores big questions about life and death. We have hosted festivals in New York City and San Francisco. But we aren’t letting this pandemic stop us. After the Worldwide Virtual Festival, join us in Austin, Texas.

Reimagine seeks to transform our individual and cultural experiences around the hardest things we face: serious illness, caregiving, dying, and grief.

We believe that by facing death, we begin to live fully. Our bottom-up approach to change focuses on empowering and supporting local communities and changemakers, who we believe are best positioned to understand the needs and desires of their fellow community members.

Austin is no stranger to the unusual.

The community of Austin, TX has not only expressed their desire to bring the Reimagine festival brand to the city, but they have expressed their love and understanding of our mission.

By bringing death out of the shadows and repurposing public spaces across the city, all types of people are invited not just to talk about death, but to sing, dance, make art about it, and even laugh at it-- something this Texas community knows how to do...VERY WELL!

Transforming. Shifting. Loving. Austin. Let’s do it TOGETHER.

Support our efforts to bring Reimagine to Austin

Outside of the New York and San Francisco festivals, Reimagine Austin will be the first new market to emerge since the inception of Reimagine. But we can’t do this without the support of the Austin community. Make a donation to support the Austin festival. Any amount helps!

Become a steering committee member

The steering committee is made up of Austin community leaders who believe in the mission of Reimagine and the power of working together as a community to highlight living well and dying well. In this video, Garrick Colwell, Reimagine Austin co-lead, shares The Gift of Community. If you are interested in co-creating this festival, please email

Host an event

Calling all healthcare advocates, musicians, artists, designers, and end of life practitioners! Become Reimagine Austin event collaborators!

Sponsor Reimagine Austin

Are you a local organization or company interested in partnering or sponsoring events in Austin? Send a note to and our development team will get back to you.

Why wait?

Reimagine Austin Steering Committee

Garrick Colwell, Co-lead

Julie Kreager, Co-lead

Lloyd Wilson

Kate Manser

Michelle McCarty

Melissa Saffron

Sanford Wyatt