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My Lonely Mountain

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Sarah Jeanne Browne
Sarah Jeanne Browne

June 11, 2024

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June 20, 2024

On this Lonely Mountain

I rise silently while not looking back

Uplifting others to remove lack

I feel the coldness of my climb

My body aches for familiarity, for warmth

But my heart wants to know humanity from a new sight

In a place no one else can find me

I see the destination and know I must go it alone

Only my footsteps are on this side of the mountain and its height seems to grow

And only my breath do I see

I’ve climbed for all my life, hoping for my dream

That changes with serendipity and ethics unseen

When I get to the top, I simply sit down

No great revelations; Just reverence

I plan to give back but for now 

I have no one to share it with me

I have no one to teach the way

They must simply follow my footsteps

They must not be afraid

I have no one to speak to

So I cry out to the dark cloudy gray sky to open

Heaven as angels thunder while bowling

Now that I’m up high they tell me not to pry

I reach my hand out just a little

I squint to see some light - A candle or a volcano?

 I have come this far; I must enjoy it

But right now, I feel like looking down

Overcoming is an ableist idea but I'm in it to win it

The obstacles and oppression do not break me

Rocks are rocky but I make life my brilliant road

It leads me to many Le Sighs

Strength comes from the climb

Not all of it is good or worth it

But I know I am never alone

I carry loved ones even if I lose them

Grief is the kiss mark on my forehead

I had to let you go

You were the reason my sky was blue

This is what I had to do

I am here on this Lonely Mountain

The echoes end my emptiness

Surrendering to its mystery 

Wondering if the rain is about to diss me

And I realize I still have a life to live

But for now, I sit and wonder

Because of you, I did not go under

I will know love again

For now, I will wait

To reach certain heights

It is never, ever too late

I'll meet you there

Wind rushes our souls to touch hands

I hush to hear God's laughter

I watch the sunset that ends sin; I live

There's too much to see, feel and think

So I sit with nothing

Nothing to do; Nothing to prove

It wraps its arms around me

A hug for my soul so I can let go

And repeats the echo "Hello!"

Sarah Jeanne Browne is a wisdom collector who assisted Tiny Buddha with such projects and then formed her own philosophy; writer for Forbes and other popular self-help sites (and now deconstructs self-help as the industry can be misleading); speaker for organizations such as The Peal Center, Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network, The Woodlands Foundation, Reimagine, various podcasts and more; activist for human and animal rights; innovator and problem solver such as creating a way to connect with kids for EndCAN - LOVES: Listen, Open Up, Validate, Explain, and Solve Together; brand and social media consultant; and lived experience speaker and writer with bipolar, dyscalculia, and AuDHD.



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