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COVID Grief Network Joins Reimagine

COVID Grief Network (CGN) has a new home under Reimagine, ensuring that people impacted by COVID loss will continue to find community and have access to free grief support for the long term.

About Covid Grief Network

The COVID Grief Network (CGN) was launched in March 2020 in response to the rising tide of loss and grief due to COVID-19.

With a bold mission of undoing isolation for young adults grieving the illness or loss of someone with COVID-19, their goal was to fill an emerging need as hospitals, places of worship, and circles of friends struggled to find somewhere to send thousands of young adults at risk of grieving alone. Further, recognizing that COVID-19 had exposed and amplified systemic inequities, and has hit communities of color hardest, they committed to centering these truths and conversations in their work and care.

CGN offered multiple kinds of support for young adults in their 20s and 30s who lost someone to COVID-19. Although the types of support shifted throughout the Network’s lifetime, young adults in the Network were able to access a combination of these types of support: individual grief support, support groups, online community, resources and referrals, and opportunities for peer connection.

Reimagine + COVID Grief Network

Under Reimagine's umbrella, the CGN community and beyond will have access to ongoing opportunities for connection and support.

These community offerings include workshops and events on the topic of loss, end of life, adversity, and beyond. Reimagine will also continue to deliver group offerings via the Post-Traumatic Growth cohort model, a 10-week transformative group experience for people impacted by COVID-loss, developed in collaboration with CGN staff.

Post-Traumatic Growth is an emerging science that explains how positive psychological change can be experienced as a result of the struggle with highly challenging life circumstances.

These seven areas of growth have been reported to spring from adversity:

  • Greater appreciation of life
  • Greater appreciation and strengthening of close relationships
  • Increased compassion and altruism
  • The identification of new possibilities or a purpose in life
  • Greater awareness and utilization of personal strengths
  • Enhanced spiritual development
  • Creative growth

Every second Tuesday of the month, COVID Grief Network (CGN) and the broader Reimagine community hold space for those mourning COVID-related losses.

Volunteers will facilitate these peer-led gatherings using art and prompts to spark conversation and reflection. These monthly spaces are designed for all those who have experienced COVID loss and are open to anyone on a drop-in basis.

To register for a COVID Grief Gathering, please visit the link below.