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This is part of an inspiring project created by DJ Juan Luna-Avin and Jenifer K Wofford about the soundtrack of our lives, or our death songs, to put it another way–-that is, the song you would want played at your funeral, memorial, celebration of life, or whatever event you envision your loved ones gathering for.

"It’s not as morbid a subject as it seems," writes Juan. "The responses we’ve gotten have been surprising, touching, reflective, and sometimes funny. If anything, it’s about identity, love, joy, celebration and life more than it’s about death."

Join Juan as he spins your tunes, along with your stories, as part of a special Nightlife event, "Nightlife & Death" at California Academy of Sciences March 7th, in collaboration with Reimagine.

Get your tickets here for an incredible night combining science, spirituality, death, life...and your funeral songs.