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The Good Mourning Journal

Exploring Grief, Loss, and Healing Through Arts-Based Research

Reimagine has teamed up with artist, researcher, and theologian Jessie Lipps at Bird & Babe to bring you The Good Mourning Journal.

It is inspired by Jessie’s personal experiences with grief as well as her doctoral work in embodiment and loss using arts-based research.

Mourning can be hindered, suppressed, and even destructive, but with 52 weekly invitations bundled together through four seasons of comfort, courage, curiosity, and contemplation, this journal invites us to make space for ourselves and to live courageously with hope. The Good Mourning Journal is a companion, compassionately supporting us in our stages of grief in approachable and gentle ways. This grief journal expands our hearts to rediscover a new sense of wholeness.

The first 100 journals have sold out! Join the waitlist today to secure your copy of the next print run for yourself--or even, a loved one.

In the face of the immense tragedy and grief that has permeated 2020, we are grateful to present this journal to you, especially during the holiday season.

Thanks to your overwhelming support, we have sold out of the first run of journals but will be printing a second run. Please join the waitlist and we will let you know as soon as we have more journals available.

“Grief arises from loss — and loss, at its most basic level is a change.”

- Jessie Lipps, creator of The Good Mourning Journal

About Jessie Lipps

Jessica Lipps understands that grief and loss are pain-filled. She also has experienced them to be mysteriously hope-filled. Her multiple miscarriages, a heartbreaking separation and redemptive reunion, and a scare with cancer have clarified her life and purposeto contemplatively help heal hearts. She is grateful to be a mother and thankful for second chances in marriage, knowing that hope lives, reimagines hearts, and grows life.

Jessie currently finds herself earning a Ph.D. in embodiment and loss, employing arts-based research methodologies to mine knowledge from the body rather than just from the mind. You may find her musings and creations at and on Instagram @birdnbabe.