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Loss, Life, and Love Event Application

We are calling on the Leimert Park community to co-create a festival where we can grieve our losses and celebrate our strength through the arts, conversation, and ritual. Join us September 22-24, 2022.

Create your own Reimagine experience

Application Information:

We invite you to create your own Reimagine experience or share one you’ve already planned that aligns with our themes, and we will help you amplify it.

On Friday and Saturday, September 23 and 24, we’ll feature a select group of ~ ten community events during the festival. Here’s a little overview of what we’re looking for and the application process.

Applications are due by July 26th.

What is a Reimagine event?

The themes presented below might inspire you as you’re conceptualizing your event.
Your event should touch on one or more of these themes.

  • wonder: consider the big questions about life and death, illness and loss, love and connection through spirituality, science, and the arts

  • prepare: plan for and manage serious illness, dying, and death for ourselves and the people we care about

  • remember: create space for all types of grief and honor those we love through memories, words, and actions

  • live fully: in the face of our impermanence, embrace life, our families, our communities, and our planet through well-being, purpose, and positive impact

Event Types

Whether it’s a dance performance, an author talk, a meditation, a conversation about health care equity, an advance care planning workshop in the form of a card game, a comedy show, an interfaith discussion on best practices for caregiving, altar-building, the best Reimagine events all have something in common. They aim to:

  • spark reflection and dialogue about end of life (death, dying, grief, loss, mortality, caregiving) -- and/or how we can live our lives to the fullest,

  • provide a surprising entry point into complex conversations, and facilitate engagement and interaction

  • bring people together across faith, arts, medical, and design sectors in community and conversation. (e.g., convene an event where a palliative care expert and a museum educator reflect on art as a tool to alleviate spiritual pain; engage a design thinker to facilitate creative solutions to social isolation in your church, synagogue, temple, or mosque.)

  • help people prepare and express their values and end-of-life wishes


We encourage interactive, interdisciplinary experiences; however, the content and the format you choose are up to you.

Requirements for all events

  • Supports the mission and values of Reimagine

  • Connects with one of the Reimagine themes outlined above

  • Values inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility

  • Well-written and accurate title and description of your event

  • Willingness and ability to promote the event to your community using the Reimagine marketing toolkit and materials

  • Recognize your event as part of the Reimagine Festival through verbal and written communications