Welcome, SoulPancake Friends!

Reimagine is a nonprofit that helps people face death and embrace life. We create community-driven festivals called "Reimagine End of Life" that bring whole cities together. We also provide helpful resources for you to explore dying, death, grieving...and living.

What do you want at the end of your life?

Our friends at The Conversation Project offer free starter kits to support you in considering and sharing your end-of-life wishes.

How can you remember the people you love?

Modern Loss shares incredible resources about grief and loss. Also check out Morning Altars, a healing earth art ritual, taught by our video participant Day Schildkret.

How do entire cities talk about death?

Reimagine hosts citywide festivals exploring life and death which feature the participants of the SoulPancake + Reimagine videos. Join them at Reimagine NYC festival, June 4-14, 2020.

It starts with a conversation...

We are excited to share our Reimagine End of Life Conversation Guide to support you in talking about life and death with friends, family, and even strangers. You'll even find it helpful for your own self reflection. It's available below for free download!

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Resources on Gun Violence Prevention

If you are looking for more information on gun violence prevention, pleases visit Women Against Gun Violence as a trusted resource and organization that is taking meaningful action to stem the public health epidemic of gun violence affecting communities.

Inspired by Reimagine?

Like what you've seen? Reimagine is only possible with the support of an incredible community that comes together to explore death and celebrate life through creativity. Donate now to help us spread this important conversation.

Are you interested in partnering with Reimagine in a bigger way? Contact our Development Director here, we would love to connect.