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Reimagining Health Equity & Care for those With Serious Illness

Sept. 22-24, Leimert Park, Los Angeles

How do we marry community wisdom, modern medicine, and holistic perspectives to transform serious illness care? How do we bring Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to the board rooms, the bedside, and the clinical staff?

Let’s design a new paradigm for care for those with serious illness. Let’s unite the expertise of healthcare professionals, community leaders, holistic health practitioners, entrepreneurs and DEI experts. In this immersive 2 ½ day experience, you will have the opportunity to gain powerful tools and methods for addressing issues of unconscious bias, cultural competence, healthcare advocacy, DEI, and how it all relates to health outcomes.

Through skillfully facilitated creative processes, we’ll use the tools, frameworks, and diverse perspectives we’ve gained to forge pathways to new and truly inclusive solutions. This first-of-its-kind guided experience is designed through a partnership between 3 powerful groups:

  1. Reimagine: who work at the intersection of community and end-of-life.
  2. Holistic Underground: a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy and change-maker community working for more effective social-movements and equitable organizations.
  3. C-TAC: A coalition of organizations, communities, and people committed to supporting those facing serious illness and their care-givers through transforming the field itself.

To make the learning real, we will immerse ourselves in one specific neighborhood. As we learn about its history and needs, and work with its local leaders, we’ll gain insights on how we would approach serious illness in any community.

We will leave with a powerful framework and toolset for transforming serious illness care. These tools will be applicable in all areas of life where we seek to have the courageous conversations that spell progress. We’ll leave having contributed something beautiful to the community whose art, culture and hospitality we will enjoy. The wisdom and ideas we co create through our practice with the new tools will be carried forward from city to city, forging a new national approach for transforming advanced illness care.

Agenda At-A-Glance

Thursday – Evening

5:00-6:15pm Networking and Community Engagement

6:30-8:00pm Showcase of artists and performers

Friday – All Day

9am-12pm J.E.D.I. Skills Training Part 1

Grounding into the space and aligning with the group; Setting the Foundations for courageous conversations and generative dialogue; D.E.I. challenges and solutions for serious illness and end of life care.

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-3:45pm J.E.D.I. Skills Training Part 2

Essential DEI Skills for your Workforce. Cultural Competence in Care Planning. The role of art, culture and holistic perspectives.

4:00pm-5:15pm Community Workshop

5:30-6:30pm Friday Evening: Networking and community

Saturday Morning

9am-12:00pm J.E.D.I. Skills Training Part 3

Tools for Transforming Organizations from the Inside-Out. The Blueprint for your organizations D.E.I. Strategy. Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Principles for Organizational Leadership and Culture. Next steps.

12pm Onwards: Community Festival on Loss, Life & Love! Performances, speakers, art memorial and community events!

5pm: Workshop Attendees Final Goodbye

“This immersive experience provides a rare and much-needed opportunity for us to reflect, expand our awareness, and learn new approaches to addressing long-standing inequities that affect care access and quality.

– Julie Boudreau, Executive Director, John and Wauna Harman Foundation

About Leimert Park

Leimert Park is a vibrant neighborhood located in South LA. It’s long been a cultural hub for LA’s African-American community and residents speak highly of the friendly neighbors, community pride, and history of this area. The community also has existed at the intersection of creativity, grief, and resilience. The heart of this neighborhood is Leimert Village, which is full of art galleries, unique restaurants, bookstores, and shops. Events and festivals are held throughout the year.

This workshop was made possible by the generous support of the John and Wauna Harman Foundation and The Y.C. Ho/Helen and Michael Chiang Foundation.