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Building Resilience for Grief through Yoga

Hosted by Grieving Coach

Building Resilience for Grief through Yoga
Are you holding tension or pain in your body? Maybe this is grief. Join Yoga Instructor Magi Khoo & Grief Coach Jenny Dilts in reconnecting with our bodies & hearts through yoga and sharing our grief.

Have you ever experienced sickness or fatigue on anniversaries of major deaths or losses? Grief doesn't just affect us emotionally. Our bodies know and remember grief as well. In this event we will practice yoga poses to help us open our minds, bodies, and hearts while we learn about grief and how it can affect us in body, mind, and spirit.

Magi Khoo

Magi Khoo has been teaching yoga in multiple studios and corporate settings around San Francisco since 2012. She started attending ReImagine events from its inception in 2017 in an effort to prepare for her aging father's last years in Malaysia. She took the Zen Hospice Center's Caregiver course and armed herself with as much information as she could at such programs. In November 2019, her mother died unexpectedly leaving Magi's father in the care of a nursing home. In the span of the pandemic, Magi flew home three times to be with him before he passed away Fall of 2021 when she was back in San Francisco. It seemed all that she had prepared for did not help her receive news of her parents' passing. But the one constant she could rely on was her yoga practice. In time, Magi began to heal through attending more grief workshops and events at ReImagine where she met Jenny. The journey also included grief counseling, listening to books, podcasts and meditations on death and dying and most of all, continuing healing and self-care practices.

Magi is an Iyengar Yoga instructor and can be found at

Jenny Dilts

Jenny Dilts is the founder of Grieving Coach and host of the podcast Share Your Story: Exploring humanity one heart at a time. As a Certified Grief Coach she specializes in transforming adversity into advantage. She helps people feeling unmotivated and without purpose to deal with their grief in healthy ways and move towards creating a life of joy and passion.

Jenny's professional journey began when she sat with a friend days after her husband's sudden death. Holding that space for her unlocked and ignited a passion for supporting others in their grief. Working as a Grief Coach has completely transformed her own life from not knowing who she was and living in the shadows, to shining as an expert not only in the field of grief, but also in her own life as a wife and mom of 5.

Jenny can be found at


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