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Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #3

Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #3
Reimagine Collaborator Lily Liu & William Tsai, applied psychology professor, will engage you in exploring links between grief, illness & self-reflection. He will talk about his innovative research.

Fall 2021 Grief/Growth/Action Festival offered a chance to highlight an Action Step we may have taken in our grief journey. Our monthly conversation continues about taking action when experiencing loss and grief. Guest Speakers tell us how they are taking action and answer the same last Q: What lies ahead in your Action Plan?

William Tsai, Ph.D., will share insights gained from his research using expressive writing with cancer patients and their caregivers and its impact on their mental and physical health. He will share what innovations he is bringing to this field of inquiry.

Host: Lily Liu, Caregiver

Guest: William Tsai, assistant professor, Applied Psychology, NYU, Director of NYU Culture, Emotion and Health Lab. (B.S. in Psychology, University of Michigan; Ph.D., ClinicalPsychology, UCLA.) His research examines the health of ethnic minority cancer survivors from a cultural and biopsychosocial lens with an overarching goal of improving cancer survivorship outcomes.


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