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No Shame, No Blame, No Guilt!

No Shame, No Blame, No Guilt!
Join Sacil & Christine two embodied, social justice leaders for an interactive exploration of grief, connection, and self-care and learn how to process grief in community.

Join us for an interactive exploration of grief, connection, and self-care for sustaining community justice.

In this 75 min session, we will get grounded in our bodies, learn how to express our grief without retraumatizing ourselves and others. Grief around racial injustice, our world, caregiving, illness, and more. Practice techniques to get the grief out of our bodies and into a larger container of community.

We will be taking care of ourselves, even if we are feeling fragile, and getting clear on the boundaries we need as we take it out into our everyday lives.

This workshop will incorporate InterPlay and, believe it or not, we will have some fun with these often tough topics.

Sacil (Suh-SEEL) Armstrong, the Black founder of Inspired by Indigo, has been facilitating anti-racism workshops for 7 years leading with "No Shame, No Blame, No Guilt" because those emotions get in the way of learning. When we get in our bodies and we're open to facts, we shift our minds, hearts, and behaviors.

Christine Gautreaux, a white social justice advocate, an international speaker, coach, dancing social worker, published author, and co-host of the Women Connected in Wisdom Podcast. Christine helps you upgrade your self-care in order to sustain community justice.

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