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Reimagine Spring Events
This event was part of Reimagine Spring Events


Hosted by Passages

I invite you to join us as we reimagine and integrate new traditions + rituals of your life following Life's Natural Phases. Inviting you to deeply remember and observe what is being initiated.

We have natural phases as we age that mark a person's transformation into the next. In past and present Earth-based cultures have significant ceremonies and rituals revolving around marking that transitionary period of our life. A moment to remember and look back on as one changes and forms into what is being initiated. We still can see evident ones such as weddings, baptisms, Bat-mitzvah, bar mitzvah, however, we are missing key markers in our personal transformations. Do you ever wonder why we have so many life crises??

I invite you to reimagine the time periods of your life as rituals of transformation. We will go over anthropological + archaeological evidence to give us a new cosmo-vision, a new map of what could be. I invite you to join, so we can create a blueprint and integrate a new tradition you want for your life, and one that perhaps will be followed by the following generation.


Ritual & Ceremony Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop Storytelling Meditation
End-of-Life Planning Grief Living Fully Older Adults Teens