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Tell Your Story Your Way (a Eulogy-Writing Experience)

Tell Your Story Your Way (a Eulogy-Writing Experience)
Get ready to embark on a journey in which you will be writing your own eulogy. You will gain a peace toward the idea of death, and clarity of what’s most important so you can live your best life now.

Join author, speaker and End-of-Life Planning Facilitator Catherine Turner live for two hours in this fun and interactive workshop in which you will learn all the top reasons why it is a fantastic idea to write your own eulogy!

She will guide you to a place of understanding what the highlights of your life are, and what it is that is most important for you to tell that captive audience. This is limited to 20 participants.

You will come away at the end of it not only with the peace of mind of having your final words written, but with a profound perspective on what’s truly important and how to live your most meaningful life now, while you are still alive. This workshop will allow you to step out of the rush of the world and into the will of your own heart and soul.

Bring your willingness to be open! A worksheet will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Find out more about Catherine and her services at her website:


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