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Reimagine Spring Events
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The Tea on Elderhood

The Tea on Elderhood
Meet Iya Tahirah and help us gauge community interest in a council of elders, and to identify influencers to help us imagine a place in society supported by the knowledge and wisdom of elders.

Imagine communities where growth and development is guided by the connection and wisdom of our elders. Imagine a world where we don’t discard knowledge and lives lived but instead embrace what has come before as a path towards better lives to come. Imagine the power to retain your place in society and benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of others.

Artists are scribes of their times and have fought for years to have conversations with America that America was not willing to hear.

Those conversations, those thoughts and experiences are part of a chain of history that gets imparted to us by our elders. A knowledge of who we are where, we come from, what our values have been and what makes us great is embodied in the minds, hearts and spirits of those we cherish who paved the way for us.

Before there was written history there was oral history. The reason the elders of our communities go back to the past is important because they provided for us. They were the scribes of their time. They were the ones who gave us the benefit of experience, They taught us what to do, what to value, what to be afraid of. Storytelling is one of the most poignant ways to connect the past to the future. It's in our DNA.


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