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Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death.
SF Bay Area October 24 – November 03, 2019

Death Scenes: How Movies Reflect Our Final Act

Death Scenes: How Movies Reflect Our Final Act

Monday, October 28


3359 26th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
The team behind Moon Manor-A Comedy About Death, female filmmaking duo Machete Bang Bang and Erin Granat, present an evening conversation on how movie moments shape our understanding of death.

From Ghost to the Lion King, death scenes have become their own Hollywood art. How have these dramatizations of the act of dying formed our subconscious understanding of death? If most people experience death for the first time by watching it on-screen, how does that shape our experience when we witness the real thing, sans musical score and dramatic lighting?

When filmmakers Machete Bang Bang and Erin Granat set out to make their feature film debut, these were the questions on their minds. What was born was Moon Manor, a coming-of-death story about 80-year-old Jimmy who's decided to die like he has lived - with intention, humor and zest. The movie follows Jimmy's last day alive as he hosts his FUNeral before taking his own life.

Join the filmmakers for a spirited presentation of famous death scenes from movies and a discussion on how those scenes have shaped our lives, including storytellers and exclusive snippets of Moon Manor.


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